In loving memory of Philip L. Rabadi

He was kind, endlessly charismatic, funny, intelligent, patient, and an immediate friend to all.

His smile was breathtaking and his laugh was infectious.

Philip was simply a magnetic person. To have known him was a genuine gift in this lifetime.

Philip was a shining bright light in this world

born & Raised in Albany, NY

Philip's beautiful soul was brought into this world by his loving parents, Shaw and Tori Rabadi (Emerick). He was a graduate of Guilderland high school where he excelled academically, on the soccer team, and tennis team. He received his bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from SUNY Albany. He then became an employee at St. Peter’s Hospital to work in the healthcare field before attending the Albany Medical College PA program. 

Philip and his wife, Ellie were true soulmates and partners in life 

They spent nearly all their time together and enjoyed every moment of it. They were married in September of 2021 at the most fun, beautiful, joyful wedding celebration possible. It was the absolute happiest day of Philip and Ellie’s lives. 

These two were known to tear up a dance floor together for hours with questionable but committed dance moves. They recently built their new house and were creating it into their own unique home. His favorite part of the house was his workshop that accommodated all his woodworking tools

Phil’s first project there was building an incredible chicken coop that Ellie had dreamed up. He wanted six chickens, but Ellie bought double that amount, which he of course took in stride.

The two worked together in the same practice as surgical PAs at St. Peter’s Hospital and sincerely loved working with one another. They missed each other if the other wasn’t at work that day. Anyone who was privileged enough to know the two of them as a pair knows what a special, extraordinarily deep bond and love they have.

Family was of utmost importance to philip

He had a very close relationship with his parents and siblings. He loved spending time with his parents and having family dinners at their home. He and his brother, Brendan, were best friends their entire lives.

They were so close that Brendan generously allowed his garage to become Philip’s personal woodwork shop for years. The two brothers and their wives had, and will continue to have, a very tightly knit group friendship.

Philip absolutely cherished his younger sister Lexi. He was in awe of her artistic talents as a performer and her beautiful soul. He chose her as the person to marry him and Ellie at their ceremony. At Philip and Ellie’s wedding, their bridesmaids and groomsmen consisted only of their brothers, sisters, and their partners. Philip felt very grateful for the friendships forged through all of these siblings and their companions.

Philip devoted himself to the craft of woodworking

Philip found an interest in woodworking and was self-taught by watching endless Youtube videos. He quickly became very talented at this hobby and enjoyed making beautiful pieces for their home, family and friends. Many of his friends are lucky enough to have a “Builds by Phil” original item. He was always happy to make a trip to Home Depot for whatever project he was working on.

A natural athlete, phil excelled at any sport

Soccer, golf, skiing, weightlifting, backyard games, tennis, or trying to throw a rock at a tree better than his brother, even as adults. He especially loved a great day on the golf course.

He achieved his dream job of working as a surgical PA at St. Peter’s Hospital. He was very talented at and proud of his work. Phil adored his and Ellie’s giant Newfoundland dog, Murphy, even though he was actually allergic to him.

Philip was known to break out a good Dad Joke at any moment, appropriate timing or not. He looked forward to watching Premiere League soccer games on the weekends, with Liverpool of course being his favorite team.

Phil was also a talented guitar player and singer. He was a movie buff and always showed up early to the theater to catch the trailers, unless Ellie made them late to the show. He really appreciated a perfect cup of coffee and absolutely drank too many cups per day.

Philip is survived by the love of his life, Ellie Radin, loving parents Shaw and Tori Rabadi, brother Brendan Rabadi and his wife Amy Marshall, sister Lexi Rabadi, numerous aunts, uncles, cousins, extended family in Jordan, and so many wonderful friends. He is predeceased by his maternal grandparents Louis E. and Joan A. Emerick, paternal grandparents Hanna M. and Hilalleh Rabadi.

He will be remembered by his friends and family when they hear a Dave Matthews song, have an ice cream, sip a great IPA, hit a PR in the gym, land a joke for a crowd, walk the halls of St. Peter’s, watch Liverpool score a goal, nail a golf swing, let loose on a dance floor, or drink their morning coffee.

Philip’s family thanks all those near and far for the absolutely endless love, strength, and prayers.

Philip's legacy will never be forgotten

He made the lives of those around him better.

Philip's Legacy

We are grateful for the opportunity to PHIL the world with LOVE and for the many wonderful supporters, donors, event volunteers, and friends and family who are helping us carry on Philip's memory.

Turns out not where but who you're with that really matters. 

and hurts not much when you're around.

See, you and me have a better time than most can dream — much better than the best. So, we can pull on through whatever tears at us, whatever holds us down.

and if nothing can be done, we'll make the best of what's around

- Dave Matthews Band 

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